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Transform your world into a COVID-19-free SafetyZone.

Airlines. Airports. Theme Parks. Cruise Lines. Businesses. Events. Stadiums. Schools.

The SafetyZone Coalition makes it possible.

Less invasive testing at-home, onsite or anywhere

30-minute results

96% accuracy

Powered by your smartphone

The SafetyZone smartphone app analyzes results and provides critical information to YOU and certified decisionmakers.

Imagine taking a flight or going to work or catching a game or boarding a cruise ship or simply going to school completely assured that everyone tested negative for COVID-19. That’s true peace-of-mind. That’s absolute confidence.

That’s the power of the SafetyZone Testing System.

The SafetyZone Testing System makes back to school, back to work and back to normal a reality for everyone.

Test a school. A stadium. A business. A flight. A theater. A church. Take control of your world.


Test a classroom, a district or an entire campus


Test players, coaches, officials, and fans


Test employees, vendors, visitors and more


Test passengers and staff before every trip


Test shoppers, employees and suppliers


Test diners, staff and vendors

The SafetyZone Testing System utilizes multiple best-in-class FDA/EUA approved tests. Tests are low-cost, at least 96% accurate and covered by most insurance.

So advanced, it works with a smartphone.

  • Laboratory-grade diagnostics
  • Fully-automated testing
  • Allows for high-capacity testing
  • 30 minute results
  • At least 96% accurate

People who test positive are notified privately and can opt-in to care via telehealth.

Completely private healthcare guidance is delivered virtually by our remote network of providers. Care is provided regardless of a patient’s insurance coverage or ability to pay.

Test data is secure.

SafetyZone Testing is HIPAA compliant and protects all test results with advanced cybersecurity provided by Reprivata.