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The SafetyZone Testing System makes testing practical for everyone.

Be positive you’re negative.

Games are on. School is in session. Flights are full. Cruise ships are cruising. You name it and the SafetyZone Testing System can make an impact.

Simply take the test at home – or anywhere. Get your results in 30 minutes. Show you’re COVID-19 negative on your smartphone and take your life back.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Rapid COVID-19 test is given at home or on-site

Results shared in 30 minutes on the SafetyZone app

Clearance is scanned at security checkpoint


Provided by best-in-class FDA/EUA approved vendors.

  • Laboratory-grade diagnostics
  • Fully-automated testing
  • Allows for high-capacity testing
  • 30 minute results
  • At least 96% accurate

Data security

Provided by Reprivata.

  • Community of Trust Network – Secure Access Safety Edge secures any device over any network
  • CoT™ Legal Framework – Provides standardized agreements to third parties
  • CoT™ Privacy Authority – Captures/manages data to ensure compliance with privacy laws
  • Global Threat Intelligence – Offers military-grade cyber security and real-time collaboration and interdiction

Data analysis

Provided by the Global Health Crisis Coordination Center - GHC3.

  • The Global Health Crisis Coordination Center (GHC3) was established by the CDC Foundation
  • GHC3 shares information and coordinates resources between public health, private sectors and philanthropic organizations
  • Secured by a Community of Trust™

All test results are 100% anonymous. Results are shared with the CDC, the NIH and local health officials to provide insights as to overall community health and the impact of COVID-19.