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Your testing is entirely anonymous and entirely secure.

We’ve partnered with

Reprivata makes it possible to securely transmit test data over any device.

HIPAA compliant

Uses multilayer encryption

Comprehensive anonymous data collection


Global Threat Intelligence

A cyber version of RADAR that detects and interdicts threats early in the cyber kill chain

  • Scalable, Distributable Threat Detection and Information Sharing System
  • Real-time SOC Active Defense
  • Real-time monitoring of third-party risk and information sharing


Community of Trust Network

A Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform that blocks/cloaks IP visibility - no public IP address, no “call home,” no public DNS and no forced reliance on public Certificate Authority.

  • The only encryption solution that replicates the NSA standards for National Security Systems (NSS) built entirely out of software
  • Secure communications and Micro-Segmentation software certified by multiple independent third parties
  • Rigid adherence to multiple standards including NIST Cyber Security Framework and CMMC
  • SASE platform that is accessible via an application on any device
  • Implementable as an image – highly scalable and affordable


CoT™ Legal Framework

A legal framework and contract management system that enables standardized agreements between employees and the enterprise, as well as third parties and the entire supply chain.

  • Standardized Master Agreements – Cyber Interconnection Security, Privacy Data Protection, and Information Sharing Agreements
  • Cyber-focused uniform legal agreements (Master Agreements)
  • Agreements encoded in a format that is both human and machine readable


CoT™ Privacy Authority

Collects, tracks, and monitors all data inside the SASE platform so you can securely access data logically and legally from anywhere in the world.

  • CoT™ Privacy Authority that can expand and grow with the Community of Trust Network
  • Flexible CoT™ framework intended to span a variety of functions necessary to monitor and protect the Community of Trust Network, its members, and their private and personal data
  • Log ingestion and analysis engine responsible for monitoring the system logs of all of the various subsystems; the operating system, the encrypted tunnel, the VoIP and XMPP switches, the file-sharing, and email services